Why are you collecting CVs?

Sending a CV is usually the very first step of a job application.

We believe it should also be the first step when people apply to become an MP.

Voters can then look at the CVs, and assess skills and background before choosing who is best.

What can I do here?

You can browse the CVs we've already got, and ask your candidates to upload missing ones.

Why should candidates do this?

To be helpful to voters, so they can choose the best candidate.

What is a CV?

This is a CV
List of jobs including dates and names of employers
Not a CV
List of jobs is in a block of text. No dates or employers given.

What elections do you cover?

Currently we're collecting CVs for the UK General Election 2019.

What's the long term aim?

Ultimately, we'd like the public to be more involved in the recruitment of MPs in lots of ways. The CV is just the start. The main Democracy Club site has more.

We've covered other elections in the past, see our archive.

Who's behind this site?

The original idea was Julian Todd's. Francis Irving made it, helped by Andy Lulham and others. It's part of the non-profit Democracy Club, and uses data provided by Democracy Club Candidates.

How can I help?

If you'd like to help market this site, or handle customer support, email us.

If you're a programmer, or you like reporting bugs in software, help out on our Github repository.

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